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Chapter 5

T-Kernel/SM Functions

Details of the functions provided by T-Kernel System Manager (T-Kernel/SM) are described in this chapter.

Overall notice and supplement
  • In principle, functions whose name are tk_ is extended SVC, others are library functions (including in-line functions) or macros of the C language.
  • Some libraries and macros call some extended SVC or system calls indirectly.
  • Error codes such as E_PAR, E_MACV, and E_NOMEM that always have the possibility of occurring are not described here unless there is some special reason for doing so.
  • Except where otherwise noted, extended SVC and libraries of T-Kernel/SM cannot be called from a task-independent portion and while dispatching and interrupts are disabled. There may be some limitations, however, imposed by particular implementations (E_CTX).
  • Extended SVC and libraries of T-Kernel/SM can not be invoked from a lower protection level than that at which T-Kernel/OS system calls can be invoked (lower than TSVCLimit)(E_OACV). Extended SVC and libraries of T-Kernel/SM are reentrant except that the special explanation is given. But some functions make exclusive control internally.
  • Detection of error codes epar, E_MACV, and E_CTX is implementation-dependent; these may not always be detected as error. For this reason, the service calls must not be invoked in such a way that these errors might occur.


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