Basic Configuration of CPU Board

(1) CPU

Basic structure: Built-in MMU (Memory Management Unit), 32bit or more CPU

(2) RAM

Appropriate volume of storage

(3) Flash memory

Appropriate volume of storage

(4) eTRON SIM card interface

SIM card connector interface (3.3V) that complies with ISO7816 mounted
1 Slot: (UICC SIM Card connector mounted)
Complies with ETSI TS102221 V4.1.0

(5) LCD/Touch Panel Interface

1ch mounted (any touch panel is acceptable)

(6) Real-time clock (RTC)

Must be equipped with 1ch calendar (Backup with battery or high-volume capacitor is recommended.)

(7) PC Card Interface

Complies with PCMCIA Standard Release 2.1/JEIDA 4.2
TYPE II/I Slot x 1 mounted
Compliance with CardBus is optional

(Refer to:":

(8) USB Host Interface

Complies with USB Specification Rev1.1
Series “A” receptacle x 1 mounted

(9) Serial Port Interface

Asynchronous serial communication port (by dedicated cable connection) 1ch: 115.2kbps or faster

(10) Switch

The following functions are equipped with minimum rate of 3bits

  • Turn on/off power
  • NMI
  • Reset

(11) Audio Input/output Interface

  • Stereo headphone output: 1ch
  • Headset input/output: earphone: 1ch, microphone: 1ch

(12) Expansion Bus Interface

Dedicated connector for T-Engine standard extended bus 1 slot (140-pin)
Must comply with “Expansion bus connector Common Specifications”

(13) Power connector (DC jack)

Connector complies with EIAJ RC-5320A